Crunch time for the Brexit negotiations – Nature must be protected!

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With the pandemic using up most of the oxygen in our national and European debates, Brexit still remains as a topic that we should focus on as negotiations enter their final stretch, ostensibly by next week, and at the latest by the end of the year. And no area deserves greater scrutiny than whether the two parties maintain the EU’s current environmental high standards, the so-called acquis, including our seminal Birds & Habitats Directives, to which the UK contributed so much to develop and deliver 40 years ago. Not to mention helping to save them from the Juncker hatchet just four years ago. Their record has been enviable.

One hears much about the EU’s insistence on establishing an unambiguous level playing field, in trade especially, but which also has implications in many other areas, not the least of which should be our current environmental protections.

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